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Reiki Classes

Reiki Levels or Degrees of Reiki in the West: Traditionally there are five degrees taught. Some Sensei’s teach 4 and some as many as 7 degrees or levels. The following descriptions are descriptions of Reiki and affiliated classes offered by September Hope, 5th Generation Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Class size is limited, early registration is recommended. Don’t see a date that works for you, please contact me. Private classes are also available.

All are welcome to learn and experience Reiki. Bring: notebook, pencil, dress casual/comfy, you're welcome to bring your lunch or there are restaurants close by. Hot/ice tea, water provided.

To register for Reiki Classes and workshops: send email using form on the contact page at top of this page. Please include the following information: your name, telephone number, Reiki class you're interested in, when you would like to take the Reiki class (month & 2 dates). I will contact you to chat about your registration, class date/time and how to pay the mandatory registration fee to hold your place in class (deposit is non-refundable, balance is due at class sign in); Class sizes are limited to 6 

Reiki I:

Reiki I is the beginning Reiki level. It includes: history of Reiki, grounding, feeling the energy, the Reiki Principals, meditation & Self Reiki, how to use Reiki in your life and being connected with the Reiki energy through an attunement. When you are trained & attuned to Reiki I, you will become a channel to this energy and be able to use it for personal development and self-healing. PREREQUISITE: none, all are welcome to learn and experience Reiki.

Reiki I is a one day class 10:00 am to 6:00; Reiki I $225.00

Reiki II:

Second Degree Reiki or Reiki II is available to those who have completed Reiki I and now want to pursue a deeper understanding of Reiki, or start a Reiki Practice,. Reiki II includes a Second Degree attunement, attuning you to the multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. A discussion of the symbols and their origins and usage is given. How to give a Reiki treatment; practice giving a Reiki treatment, balancing chakras, personal transformation, Distant healing scanning & beaming are also presented. PREREQUISITE: Reiki I certificate.

Reiki II is a one day class 10:00 am to 6:00; Reiki II $225.00 

Reiki Toolbox: Additional Symbols & Techniques Series:

This is a series to explore, learn and be attuned to 8 more Symbols: Karuna Healing Symbols. Karuna is “Reiki of Compassion” or Compassionate action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and is translated as "compassionate action." What is Karuna Reiki and the origin of the Karuna Reiki System is explained, the eight Karuna symbols are taught, explained & practiced; Karuna Reiki symbol attunement is given. Reiki Techniques demonstrated in this series are: Reiki Sonics or Reiki Vibration Methods: combining Chakra Tuning fork vibration and Reiki which deepens the Reiki session experience; Reiki Sonics Reflexology.  PREREQUISITE: Reiki I & II Certificates required

Reiki Toolbox Series: taught in 2 eight hour days 10:00 to 6:00 p.m class fee is $480.00
Mandatory registration deposit of $75.00 required. Space is limited.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART):

ART is available to those who have completed Reiki I & II, have been using Reiki FOR 6 MONTHS OR more and are ready to pursue a deeper understanding of Reiki. The Usui Master Reiki Symbol attunement is given which strengthens your Reiki energy connection increasing the effectiveness of all the symbols. How to use Reiki to protect yourself & others, how to achieve goals, release unwanted habits or emotions, meditations to strengthen & expand the mind consciousness, aura clearing (physic surgery) to remove negative energy’s, Reiki Crystal grids are also included, how to BE Reiki. Note: ART must be completed prior to taking the Reiki Master Class. PREREQUISITE: Both Reiki I & II Certificates required and actively practicing Reiki for 6 months or more.

ART is a 1 day class, 10:00-6:00; $450 for class (required practicing Reiki for 6 months)

Mandatory registration deposit of $75.00 required. 

Reiki Master:

How to do give the Usui/Tibetan Reiki I, II, ART & Reiki Master & healing attunements will be taught. Each will receive the Usui Master attunement which adds two Tibetan symbols, totaling six. Reiki Meditation to harmonize the energy of the chakras will be experienced. Many experience powerful healing experiences during this class so bring your Reiki Journal as you’ll want to record your personal experiences. This is a two day or 16 hr. class. PREREQUISITE: Reiki I /II & Advanced Certificates and actively practicing Reiki for 6 months or more required.

This is a two day or 16 hr. class, 10:00-6:00. $750.00 for Reiki Master class; it is recommended to have been practicing Reiki for 6 month. Mandatory registration deposit $150.00.

Reiki Teacher Development Series:

Sharing how to teach Reiki I & II, develop class, speak Reiki, adjust to different learning styles, presenting the class, Hosting Reiki Shares. There WILL be homework! But by the end of this 6 month course (Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June) you will be ready to teach Reiki & have your first courses developed. Bring: note book, binder, paper, pencil. Prerequisite: Reiki Master Class with Sensei Hope.

This is a 6 month course, Class time is 1:00-5:00; Course fee $600, $100 required registration deposit prior to first class, $100 due at each class which pays for the next class (all classes prepaid).

Next Reiki Master Series: months/days TBD

Karuna Reiki Master:

Karuna Master symbols & Violet Breath are discussed & practiced; difference between Practitioner & Master attunement; Karuna Master Reiki attunement is given; we explore chanting & toning; how to prepare to give attunements and give Karuna Practitioner I & II attunements are taught and practiced. PREREQUISITE: Reiki Toolbox: Additional Symbols & Techniques Series Completion Certificate or Karuna Practitioner I & II Certificate

This is a two day or 16 hr. class, 10:00-6:00. $800.00 for class (recommended having Reiki I, II & Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki Toolbox, Reiki Master certificates & practicing Reiki for 12 months). Class time is 10:00-6:00; lunch break is about 1:00 for 1.5 hr. You're welcome to bring your lunch or there are restaurants close by. Hot/ice tea, water provided.  Bring: notebook, pencil, dress casual/comfy as we'll be doing meditations.


Brief history of pendulums, how to choose a pendulum, types/styles, when/why/how to use, charts, programming your pendulum, testing, reading Chakras, we’ll be practicing throughout this class. PREREQUISITE: none, while this is not a Reiki specific class, using a pendulum with Reiki will be discussed. This is a 3 hour class 2:00-5:00. Bring your pendulum or I have some you can borrow or purchase. 

class fee is $80.00  Mandatory registration deposit of $25.00 required. Space is limited.

Watch for NEW classes being developed: Sacred Smoke: Smudging & Saging; Water Essences: Flower & Crystal

PLEASE NOTE: as I develop classes or when The Universe prompts me to, I will be adding class descriptions, dates, fees etc. as classes are completed. Please contact me if you'd like to suggest or request a class. Thank you.

Reiki Gather Dates

I also host Reiki Gathers, is a time to ask questions, chat about and share Reiki with each other. All are welcome to attend these free Reiki Gatherings.  

Evening Reiki Gathers:

Every 5th Saturday through out the year, contact me for location/time.


September Hope

5th Generation

Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher

Teaching: Reiki I, Reiki II,

Advanced Reiki, Reiki Master &

Karuna Reiki